Favourite trick – Charlie Ash

Everyone has a favourite trick, often governed by their current location. Now Charlie has a big bag of tricks for all types of locations. So when i approached him at City Trails with the question “Charlie, what’s your favourite trick here?” I knew i wasn’t going to guess the answer, nor was i going to […]

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Six Shooter

To say this session had a slim chance of working would be an understatement. All three of us coming from different directions, all traveling through session ending rain storms, all arriving in disbelief to a dry park…BMX is a bit of a risk.

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City Trails…spot check

City Trails…A trails spot that has been around for years, with various crews/locals/groups taking it under their watch and creating a solid set of trails. Over the past five years or so the place has pretty much had a full overhaul, doubling in length to become the ironman demanding run it is today. Although half […]

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I literally want to start this by saying thank you to Gunner for taking the time to do this little piece. Segment has been a influence to ILB and was a pretty big part of the trails scene around 07/08 era.  After Segment popped back on to the scene last year, i was stoked, not […]


Behind the lens

Today we get a look at some of the behind the scenes from Joe Embry’s recent edit “NightHouse.”If you’ve not seen the edit, head to the bottom of the page and check it out in full HD/full screen and appreciate the quality that this edit offers. This edit shows some of the true dedication to […]

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The Quarter Forest

Today we get to learn a little more about Quarter Forest, a Project/Idea from Dan. I first met Dan at one of the Yeah Roy jams. His stoke was high and his attitude was positive. Riding/filming all day. Dan recently had a gnarly accident and if you don’t know the story head over to Ride […]

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Behind Bars – Shop Talk

What is Behind Bars?Behind Bars is something I started after two years in BMX Coaching, I was tired of seeing a lack of expertise in what was available on the Market here in Malta. None of the past or present Bike shops here had ever been managed by someone in the BMX Scene. With Behind […]

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