Customer feedback

Waiting for feedback on some limit fabrication stickers!  I’m stoked to be working with him on this project. Creating a blast from the past frame.  Bmx is amazing and the help he received on this project shows just how bmx is and should be. 

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The moon landing

many moons ago a man marched upon the moon, this man may have marveled upon the marvelous moments  meandering moon bound. This man would like to see more moon rings. Shot on Nikon D610 F/5.6 2.5 sec. ISO – 1000 21mm    

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Blogging 9-5

How do you do it? How do people manage to blog? I need some creative influence, can anyone suggest good blogs to follow. Hell even suggest your own blogs(advertise yourself here). I have content to share, but piecing together the content with time seems to be my issue. When do you guys(not as in males,but […]

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Photo + Edit + Client

The image i created was actually a christmas present for my parents and my brother. It’s a photograph of my kids. Now the fact is every grandparent loves a picture of their grandchildren and with me being in the profession i am(photographer), giving them a nice photo of the boys isn’t to much of a […]

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My plan for this site in 2017 was to simply get creative,  well it turns out the creativity was already in play in my life(well at least for some of it). I enjoy creativity in many of it’s forms. Due to client confidentiality i can not show you the full images yet, Even though i’m […]

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Working as a photographer

You don’t always win. I’ve been a portrait photographer for a few years now, and sometimes you simply don’t connect with the subject you’re photographing.  This can cause the creativity to stop.  But don’t let it affect your day, just accept that not everyone connects…

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