Youtube “Pro riders” vs The World.

Now before i start this pro youtube piece. Let me assure you, i’m certainly not a “Youtuber” nor am i pro hyper active adults shouting at me through the internet.
But i’ve seen a lot of salty posts about about ” Professional Youtube riders”
Basically, this is a reasonably good bike rider with a large online following that gets picked up/ supported by a bike company.
But why does this happen? They aren’t out there at the contests killing it or even putting out solid video parts.

Why bike companies give Youtubers so much.. 

  1. They are kind of like models. Kind of. If you looked at any other form of advertising. Usually the people in the adverts really have nothing to do with production… 

2. Giving to a successful YouTube cuts out the need for a marketing team. Or at least makes less work for them.  Usually a marketing team would put together an advert for a company, this would involve getting together Rider, photographer, videographer, editing, location scout, transport, food, makeup( although bmxers usually just look dirty, so makeup is a waste)
Now once the advert has been made, it then has to be distributed to hit maximum audience capacity. This all has to be paid for at every stage and at every avenue it’s distributed – magazine, billboard, insta advert, facebook campaign, ect.

Below example of a youtube search for “bmx” dated 8th Jan. ( i know algorithms bring up different results)

But a full on epic mind blowing video part that took months of production time/effort/money is sitting at 1.3 million views – so all those people saw Dennis killing it and thought of Vans.
Now Billy Perry’s 1 day fun little ride around New York got 3.1 million views.
Both bikes – one video is undoubtedly more rad and more of a production.
But more people saw Billy with his Volume bike and GoPro camera.

3. YouTube is already paying them. 

Now this isn’t always a benefit to the company sponsoring them but it should help both parties. YouTube needs content (unbox, build, first ride…) so they are thankful as it helps them continue making the money from youtube and the company gets its new products out to the right audience, not just random parts of the Internet that hits the right key words, for basically the cost of the parts plus shipping.

4. Youtube is massive.

Each active YouTube channel is its own unique network. Taking it old school YouTube is basically like the print industry. It’s massive. But not every person on YouTube is looking at the same content. Just like not every person that buys a magazine is reading every magazine.  

Print isn’t dead. – Dig magazine proves that with every amazing book.

But YouTube for the modern world is very much alive. 

I’m sure some companies are still doing OK advertising purely in print. But in a industry that’s as progressive as the bike scene.  It just might not be quick enough to keep up.

If Good housekeeping magazine started advertising FBM bikes would it have the same effect as top youtuber “Shouty mcTeenie Adult” riding an FBM down to the coffee shop and snapping some photos of it outside?

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