Cycling for soup…?

Today we’ve got a slightly different feature – Non BMX but bike related never the less. We’ve linked up with Alvaro to talk about a project he’s co-founded, which if you’ve ever wanted to push your physical and mental ability then this will inspire and ignite the fire within you. Alvaro is a super human, […]

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During all the craziness of the UK lockdown currently going on James Parkinson took some time after another digging session to answer a few questions on the VTL. What is VTL? VTL stands for vauxhall trails locals. It is a group of friends that have found each other in the woods and bonded over a […]

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Pascal Lafontaine

I only met Pascal once, it was a short but unforgettable session at the LBC skatepark. He was in Long Beach for the premiere of The Hunt DVD, in which he had a killer part in. I basically saw him destroy every part of the skatepark, like it was nothing. Few fist bumps, high fives, […]

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