Pascal Lafontaine

I only met Pascal once, it was a short but unforgettable session at the LBC skatepark. He was in Long Beach for the premiere of The Hunt DVD, in which he had a killer part in. I basically saw him destroy every part of the skatepark, like it was nothing. Few fist bumps, high fives, cheers later i left the park.
Fast forward to sitting at the premiere having just seen his Jaw dropping part, the place was filled with crazy energy for his and everyone’s part in that DVD.
So i brief congratulations to him, “nice to meet you” ect… the night was over, i was out.
And that was it, the time i met Pascal. After the solid video part and awesome park session I looked forward to seeing more of him in the bmx world.
Flicking through a Ride bmx uk magazine the July of the following year a full double page advert of Pascal. The dude is killing it. Later he drops another epic edit, but the i read online he’s got cancel and is losing his leg…

Shit, i guess that’s his bmxing over…. Wrong, so so wrong.
Pascal continued to push him self through rehab and physical therapy to get back on his bike and bring the world an absolute game changer of an edit.

Pierre Gauthier has now released a book of what it took to get that video part done along with other struggles and victories Pascal went through. The book is available from EMBASSYMTL , head over and check out their site with more info on Pascal and the foundation that’s been set up in his name.

Have another watch of this.

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