Cycling for soup…?

Today we’ve got a slightly different feature – Non BMX but bike related never the less. We’ve linked up with Alvaro to talk about a project he’s co-founded, which if you’ve ever wanted to push your physical and mental ability then this will inspire and ignite the fire within you. Alvaro is a super human, all round bike shredder and a step above us mortals whilst being an amazing humble being.

What is Cycling for Soup?

We are a collective trying to use sport as a catalyst to engage the community, encourage people to be the best version of themselves by challenging them to get out there and do that thing that you always wanted to do, sharing stories testing one’s outer limits and finally be kind to yourself, the ones around you and the planet we live in by raising awareness of different causes that we believe they need more exposure.

Who is Cycling for Soup?

 Cycling4soup at the moment it’s a team of 3 consisting on:

Michael Drummond – Co-founder, director and Photographer.

Craig Bilham – Director and editor

Alvaro de la Camara – Co-founder, “athlete”

Although, we all chip in in every aspect and shape the whole concept by sharing our views with each other bringing it to the final product that the viewer sees.

When did it start?

 It started as a trip I wanted to take to my parent’s house, in the south of Spain. Cycling from my home in London to Cadiz (2,500km – 1553 Miles) in 10 days. I shared this idea with Mike, and from there we started shaping it and it kinda became a concept in our heads sharing some videos and creating content. Further down the line we thought it would be a great way to share our visions of the sports and what’s behind all these challenges as well as telling different stories in a way that we believe fits our ethos. All with a mission of bringing people together and create that sense of communities where no one is excluded 

Where did the name come from?

 Funny enough, at first it was going to be called Cycling to the South, However, as we thought we might be continuing making more things and we didn’t want to get stuck to be going “south”, Mike asked what was that lovely food that I wanted from my mom, and the answer was SOUP. Then Cycling4soup was born. 

Since then the SOUP has become more of a metaphor that represents our goals and challenges (fitness or other) through life that we would like or want to overcome and constitute endurance. Also a binding agent to bring people together with cool stories to tell and raise awareness

Some highlights

1 – during our last mission, I cycled from Edinburgh to London non stop with the aim of covering the distance within 24 hours (full video on Youtube). After a long night on my saddle I had a coffee and didn’t have much food in my belly, rookie mistake…I suffered a very strong stomach pains and felt like i couldn’t continue…

in a normal world, and bearing in mind that Mike and Craig had been driving at a very low speed behind me for over 15 hours at this moment, a normal person would have encouraged me probably to call it. Mike and Craig didn’t. They supported me to think what was the best option for me in order to continue and not give up. I have never felt nor seen an outsider (from the activity) so supportive. And this kind of things is what bring us together as a team and makes me happy to work together with such great humans

 2 – The whole Batch 1 (Full video on Youtube), which was the trip to Spain. was our first big project. We did it on a very low budget. Loads of thing happened to us but two that come always to mind is:

  – I was cycling doing my thing and they would film and do everything visual related so i could just focus on my task. However, at one point I bumped into them and they had been pulled over by the police. Police officers couldn’t speak a word of English neither Craig or Mike Spanish…luckily I turned up and explained the officers about our project and told them it was for charity. They were not happy as Mike was poking out from one of the back windows filming and also tried to film them as they were leaving. I apologized and it was all good in the end,

  – I would camp most of the nights while Mike and Craig would go to a cosy hotel room. One of the nights, somewhere in France some kids were messing around and saw my tent so they decided to shake it. I was so asleep and it scared the crap out of me so much that I instinctively got out in a millisecond (which is pretty hard bearing in mind it’s a tiny tent with a bike tangled up to it) knife in my hand swearing in Spanish…kids ran quick and didn’t bother me

Something memorable happens in every trip, and that is the beauty of it. Since I was a kid I loved to go and explore. During all my BMX trips I’ve always loved to camp out, see what happens, and see what fate has to offer.

Where can people find out more? 

  You can find us in our Youtube Channel where we upload most of our videos.

Also on Instagram @cycling4soup  where you can find more updates regarding future projects, what we do on our day to day, training and other stuff.

And if you think you have a cool story to tell, want to collaborate with us or just want to hang out because you share the same interests as we do, drop us a line to our email

What’s the future?

We are currently prepping a full documentary about Ultraman UK 2021 which is one of the toughest triathlons in the world. It consist on a 3 day staged race as:

1st day: 10km (6.2 miles) swim followed by a 180km (90mile) bike

2nd day: 276km (172.5 mile) bike

3rd day: 84km (52.5 mile) double marathon run

I (Alvaro) have been selected to be one of the competitors and we will be covering the event as well the history behind and how this race got to be where it is today.

We also have a world record attempt for 2022, which we will be releasing more info about that soon 🙂 

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