TRAILSLAYER… Tell me more!

TRAILSLAYER has exploded on to the trails scene, and is set to become a staple name among the calluses handed, shovel wielding, dirt loving, trails diggers. I’m super excited to have caught up with TRAILSLAYER to find out more information on the massive movement they’ve already created and whats set to come.


Trailslayer is a layer for people that are committed and stoked off seeing people riding and digging trails all over the world! 


The person running the Instagram page and soon to be website is Bob Stringer, but to say who is Trailslayer, it’s everyone that’s ever picked up a shovel at a set of trails, it’s the people that send in their awesome pictures, it’s a community for those that want to be part of the ‘trail scene’.

When did it start and why?

We started up the beginning of this year(2021) it’s been on my mind for years to do something like this as have lots of cool ideas and needed a platform to express my ideas. Also recently injured myself and used the time wisely to get this up and running.

Where did the name come from?

Naming this was probably the hardest thing for me, looking back on my notebook some names make me laugh and cringe…but it came to me one day as I was listening to my favour band (Slayer) and then it clicked, adding my two favourite things trails and slayer we got Trailslayer. Also like that it can be read as trails layer.

What’s in the future for TRAILSLAYER?

Future holds good things for us, had so much positive feedback from everyone that has liked/commented and messaged me on the page. We did our first drops of shirts that went better than I could ever imagine, orders going out all over the world. Working on next load of shirts/hoodies/caps as we speak, very stoked on how they’re looking. Planning a trip out to either Barcelona or PA with a group of close friend to us and filming it for a video. Like to make a video throughout the year trying to get to as many spots as we can. Interviews with locals asking about their spots etc. We’d like to make it to events if we can this year with everything going on in the world, if it’s on we will be there.

Where can people find out more?

At the moment we are just using Instagram as our main form of communication etc, working on a website that should be live very soon! Our Instagram is @_trailslayer_ If you want to know anything or ask anything, just mail us on there and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Whilst I have this opportunity I’d just like to say a few thank yous….To everyone that has followed us, liked our posts,made orders and messaged me with positive feedback. Thank you to the photographers that have sent in their photos into us,you guys are the best! Thanks to the people that have helped get this off the ground, I am trying to work with people within the biking community which I find rad as everything we do feels like giving back to the community that we love.Stay stoked, stay committed hope to catch you soon. -TRAILSLAYER

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