What is Bonesmend?

 Bonesmend is a rider owned lifestyle clothing brand trying to incorporate all elements of the love for riding bikes in to wearable merch, suitable for a session at your favourite riding spot, putting the hours in with a shovel or when the pubs open back up again.

Who is Bonesmend?
My name is Jim I have been riding bikes and digging holes to ride over for as long as I can remember, studied art and design in college but ended up becoming a chef, doing ski and bike seasons in France for the winter and summer. Bonesmend is mainly just me but a big thanks to a few mates who have pitched in here and there with printing tees, being test dummies for photo shoots, last minute post runs while I’m at work. I really am grateful for the help and support of these guys, especially buying my products and sharing them with friends and family.

When did it start?
The idea first came about during the first lockdown. I had been bored so organised a load of paperwork as you do and came across a sketch I did when I was working for a hotel in Les Gets. It needed some refining so I got sketching, i thought it was a cool design but it wasn’t quite there yet. After brushing up on my Illustrator I decided to take the leap and drop it on a trail group on facebook (trailbuilders UK) for some feedback. It went down a treat so I had some stickers made up; from there I used the money to order the first batch of tees. Nearly 12 months down the line, what started as a side hustle for fun is looking more like a business.

Where did the name come from?
I’d love to have a elaborate mind altering event that inspired the name but the truth is I was trying create some frame protectors for D&D Cycles and one of the sides I wanted something cool to make a pattern so started chucking words that sounded cool. Eventually after a few beers and a long time with different combinations ended up with Bonesmend and thought that would be a wicked name for something.

3 Highlights for Bones Mend

Photos from the winner of the first photo contest rocking a limited edition acid wash bad decisions tee Robert Beard @r0bert99 . he smashed the contest by flipping over a Mercedes outside Falmouth cycles photo on the insta by @jharveyphoto

Local legends @theescapistchichester rocked some of our tees for the day so I could grab some merch photos in action. Check them out if you want a quality sound track, awesome beer and a friendly welcome

I think the biggest highlight has to be these crewnecks I was pretty apprehensive when it came to having these made thanks to the help from the team at pins and knuckles they have made every step painless and the embroidery is spot on.

Where can people find out more? 
You can find us at for all of our merch and were working on our about us page (not that anyone really reads these things!)
Instagram is Bones_mend where you can follow and keep up to date with everything Bonesmend. I spent most of my time on Instagram so do come and say hi, its always nice to hear from fellow riders, photographers, artists and breweries ( I love beer!) You can tag us in #Bonesmend for a repost or to show off our merch.

What’s in the future?
Got an exciting project in the works can’t say much as it’s still in the early stages! Got some trips planned to visit some awesome riding spots when things go back to some kind of normality. A few colabs with local artists and further afield. Giving back to the community that helped get bones off the ground be it a few hours on the tools, chipping in for trail tools or just a few beers as a thanks for the hard work.

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