Behind Bars – Shop Talk

What is Behind Bars?
Behind Bars is something I started after two years in BMX Coaching, I was tired of seeing a lack of expertise in what was available on the Market here in Malta. None of the past or present Bike shops here had ever been managed by someone in the BMX Scene. With Behind Bars, I wanted to make sure that for example, a kids can get the right bike he needs depending on his needs and not just in an attempt to get rid of your stock. I wanted to make sure that there is a good availability of brands at both a high level for the people who need it and also at a low level so it wont break the bank to start or get back into BMXing.

Who is Behind bars?
A store runed by a rider for the riders haha. My Name is Karl Naja and im 31 years old. Ive been riding BMX for 17 years and its been a part of my life ever since, thanks to BMX ive made tons of amazing Friends and lived some of the best experiences of my life through it. Through behind bars and also an organisation called the Maltese Street Sport Association, I try give back as much as I can to the BMX Scene here in Malta.

When did it start?
It started as I said earlier about two years after I started BMX Coaching, I was seeing so much kids come to me with bikes that are two big or small for them or have some wrong setting in the bike due to a change in some part. So I decided to start selling bikes and parts through behind bars to make sure I stop seeing that and enjoy seeing kids progress with the right setup under them.

Where did the name come from?
Honestly the name just popped up one time when I was thinking about the shop in general. I was sure that the name was used in some way or another but had never seen it used for a shop. So after a few google searches I found that there was only one shop all the way in the USA with a similar name so I decided to go for it as it was a cool name to have for a BMX Shop

3 highlights from Behind Bars.

⦁ First event I sponsored after a newly built skatepark in Birzebuggia was opened in Malta. I was really glad I could be part of a new start with them and contribute to the cause.

2) I’ve also started an initiative to start donating a tree for every bike I sell, I have recently been into gardening a lot and have started to grow my own local trees that I will then donate once they are old enough, the tree will be donated in the name of the person who bought the bike.

3) seeing that smile on a kids face once you hand over his new bike

Where can people find out more? 

Atm im just and online shop, so they can find me at Hopefully we will one day have a physical shop too.

What’s in the future for Behind Bars?

The plan is to continue with supporting local events and also riders with the best possible brands and products. I have already sponsored some stuff to a few promising riders but nothing official yet, hoping that soon we can have an official team setup with some of them. Once that happens, we will definitely work on a video to showcase their talent!

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