The Quarter Forest

Today we get to learn a little more about Quarter Forest, a Project/Idea from Dan. I first met Dan at one of the Yeah Roy jams. His stoke was high and his attitude was positive. Riding/filming all day. Dan recently had a gnarly accident and if you don’t know the story head over to Ride and check it out. Also go to The Beep Doctors learn more about them, donate if possible.

What is Quarter Forest? 

A logo that represents the elements we enjoy and want to ride  

curve =wave 

curve =mountain 

curve= ramp

Clothing that’s made to handle the elements you face when you are out searching for the curve 

*swellwood jacket

*red riding hood


*Qurve-shirt – coming soon 

Who is Quarter Forest? 

Every one who wears it

A clothing brand for the out balance kind of people, looking for curves in the sea, mountains and woods.

When did it start and why?

I designed the logo back in march 2020 when life slowed down. But quarter forest has been about since 2014.

Where did the name come from?

Friends and i re-homed a quarter in some woods . The quarter came from our remembrance bmx jam for a good friend Jamie Bruce – COOKIEJAM . 

Riding through a forest at full speed with trees brushing against you, and roasting a 6ft curve  . curvehunt is now and has always been addiction.


Charity event- oaka ranch party with full blown bmx jam and bands to help raise money for lake district mountain rescue team

The quality of clothing and the way it looks and the reactions of the people who purchase it and want more . —–The Qurve Shirt —-is coming soon 

To go out capture rad content to promote QF

When i found a place called Swellwood and how it says my logo, i was buzzing i love that represents quarter forest in another way but in the surf world.


Where can people find out more? 

youtube danbmx

insta – @quarter_forest @tempomedia @stephen_elford @roll2adventure

VIMEO- danbmx

website coming soon…

What’s the future?

Bring out more clothing that will take you to new locations, and feel good and search for curves in the sea, mountains and trees.

The garments are designed for the swell and the woods and will make you smile!

Search Danbmx on youtube for video on qf and the search for the curve.

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