Behind the lens

Today we get a look at some of the behind the scenes from Joe Embry’s recent edit “NightHouse.”
If you’ve not seen the edit, head to the bottom of the page and check it out in full HD/full screen and appreciate the quality that this edit offers. This edit shows some of the true dedication to getting it done during those winters nights. Kitto has taken the time to answer some questions about filming this edit and more about his projects.

Who’s behind the lens?

Tom Kitto

What was the project?

NightHouse. featuring Joe Embrey

What was the idea behind this edit?

The idea was to hit a DIY spot and small parks around Suffolk to capture the creativity in such a small space! We had 3 industrial lights, courtesy of Ste Bloomfield, where we got real creative with light positioning and Joe riding sections of the park connecting lines or doing a variety of tricks on one obstacle. During lockdown we’ve seen some pretty dark times with the whole world coming to a stop, so we wanted to use the skatepark as a creative space.

Who else was involved?

Riding – Joe Embrey. Whilst me and Ste worked the lights, coming up with multiple angles to light Joe and create shadows against the architecture of the skatepark.

What equipment do you use?

I shot everything on a Sony A7iii which has an incredible capability of shooting in low light equipped with my powerhouse Zeiss 24-70, which every filmmaker knows is the most durable lens! Out of all the lenses I have, this one is always in my bag with me. I used a Ronin M stabiliser with a ring grip for the buttery clips!

What other bike projects have you worked on?

At the start of last year I worked with the marketing team for FISE Festival, which is an extreme sports festival in Hiroshima (Japan),  Montpellier (France), Edmonton (Canada) Budapest (Hungary) and Chengdu. There I worked on projects to help grow the media channels to target audiences.  

Any non bike projects?

I’ve worked on a whole range of projects involving brands like United BMX, Island Records, Aston Marton, Krazy Horse, Tinder, and True Religion!

I’ve been interested in working as a freelancer since I was a teen! Meeting people at the skatepark and hearing stories and projects everyone works on definitely gave me that drive to work on anything and everything! Recently I’ve been working on setting up a video production company with a friend which is still very early in the works but I’m looking forward to where it’s going to take us.

Any future bike projects?

The NightHouse edit is the first of a series so let’s just say watch the space…

Where can people find out more?


My Instagram is ‘Tomkitto’ where I post all things creative, You’ll find joe at ‘Joeebmx’ where he post all things bmx and Ste is ‘83bus’ for those who know Ste knows his collection, but if you don’t, Ste has an insane collection of mid school (90’s) BMX’s 

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