I literally want to start this by saying thank you to Gunner for taking the time to do this little piece. Segment has been a influence to ILB and was a pretty big part of the trails scene around 07/08 era.  After Segment popped back on to the scene last year, i was stoked, not only because they make one of my favourite bmx tees but also to see the scene thrive again. Now we get to hear more on what’s shouting with Segments past and present. Also check out the full “Trails is shouting” DVD, which holds it’s own to any recent trails video in riding and good times.

What is Segment?

Very good question… and one that I’m not really sure of myself. The whole brand/thing happened by accident really, as a result of a combination of spare time, good friends, a strong scene (trails and racing) and myself wanting to try and do something a little bit creative. The first ‘products’ were tee shirts, a couple of people liked them, so then I did some more. I fortunately stumbled upon a couple of strong themes that worked really well within the scenes (creative influence and shouting) and so subsequently could help out some riders/friends and even did a few ‘charity’ tees to grow awareness for friends both injured and who had passed. I dabbled in a few other products here and there, and at one point had support from Vans (we made hand made custom shoes), but the staple products were tees, hoods and hats. The overall end result was Segment and a few (14) years later here we are… albeit with a little holiday in between.

Who is Segment?

Segment is primarily myself (Gunner), but I would be absolutely lying if I said it was all me. Friends have played a huge part in making it happen/work. Everything from filming, editing, designing, riding, shooting and generally supporting the brand… there have been many people helping out in some way or another.
Segment has also had a ‘team’ of sorts, both now and back when we started, and in both instances I am honoured to be able to say that I was able to send these guys product… and they wore it!
Phase 1 – Scott Edgworth, Darin Read, Matt Priest, Arrash Saidi, Max Wood, Mat Burton, Paddy Sharrock, Robin Fenlon, Rikki Gunner & Dean Mayo.
Phase 2 – James Bentley, Jack Griffin, Dylan Foster & Rikki Gunner.

Segment has been around since 2007, with a slight hiatus in production, what brought on the revival?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think my brother and myself were in the woods during one of the lockdowns of last year, and we started discussing the ‘old days’ and Segment came up. In the first outing, the key social media channel was MySpace, so I thought I would start a little Instagram channel and see if anyone still remembered it… and some did. We were spending more and more time at our trails spot, so I thought it might be cool to reintroduce the ‘shouting’ design and see what would happen. So far so good…


Trails is Shouting Trip – This came about simply due to the Red Bull Empire of Dirt happening down in Devon. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of the US Segment guys riding at the event (Darin Read and Arrash Saidi), so we tried to work an extended plan for while they were here. With the help of Vans (supplying the most battered/amazing Vans school bus – see the edit) it was made possible, and we went on a week long road trip around a bunch of trail spots. We had space so took along Lima and Bob Manchester too and had a good old time. Watching Darin Read at any trails spot is an absolute treat… one of the very best! And watching Matt Priest and Bob Manchester at any ‘night time’ spot will have you in stitches!

Creative Influence – Another accident, but one that worked out really well. This was one of the very early designs that I wanted to create to reflect my own influences and who I believed were creative in their own way. The list of people who I represented was pretty long, but there were a few that just fell into place perfectly. Having Brian Foster wear one of your own brands Creative Influence tees… of himself, was a moment! The same situation with Mike Aitken and Scott Edgworth… but a huge highlight and honour was when I created the Stephen Murray tee. To see everyone wearing them at the Stay Strong Jam’s globally and then the main man himself sporting one, was quite something.

Shouting – Surprise, surprise another accident… with a funny story. Scott Edgworth, Dean Mayo and myself made the trip out to Rebel Jam in Berlin (I think in 2007), Scott Edgworth was riding for FitBikeCo at the time (and was killing it), when we saw a brand new Fit tee being worn by one of the Fit Euro riders. It said ‘Streets is Talking’, and of course we asked if Scott had packed his! 5 minutes later, and after some back and forth asking Scott where his pegs were… we decided that if the ‘Streets is Talking’, then the ‘Trails is Shouting’. I ran the idea past Rob-O (Fit at the time) and he was fully behind it… so the Shouting tee/quote was born. It has been the most requested tee over the years and I still remember the day that Mike Aitken used the #trailsisshouting couldn’t believe it!

Where can people find out more?

The best place to see all things Segment is probably the Instagram channel @segmentclothing. I post mainly trails/race/bicyclemotocross stuff that I like, respect and want to ‘shout’ about. It’s also a place to shout about the guys I support – Bentley, Jack, Dylan and Rikki.
There is also the website , which is super simple, but is where you can purchase the latest products.

What’s the future?

There will always be some new products popping up here and there. Not sure when or what, but I always like to try and keep it fresh. A couple of the recent designs (the Bentley ‘pro’ model and the new Shouting) worked out really well, so maybe a few new variations on something similar.
The ‘team’ is cool right now, and each and every one of them are stoked on receiving some free product and have been doing as much as they can over the winter months to support the brand. There may be the odd one or two additions, but we will see…

Riding bikes, having fun and enjoying it while we can is the overall plan. Personally I’m not getting any younger (currently 46 years old), so hitting trails spots and tracks, riding with friends and having the most fun as possible is what I am all about right now.

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