Small town quest… For a new park

Brandon – a small town – is currently on a road to get a new park.  The current park is in a dia state…

The road to getting a new park is long and far to often this road is taken by suited humans, with less knowledge of skateparks than would be recommended when developing such areas. Also the road is so slow that most participants involved whom actually use skateparks get off under the impression the project has stopped, due to lack of progression.

This underside of one of the ramps…

Brandon actually has a solid group of skatepark users on this project. They are currently in the early stages of plans. They are also looking to possibly do temporary repairs on the current ramps.
To keep up to date and have a say in what makes a good park, worth visiting hit up the pages below.

Also if you have any fast track tips to getting through all the hoops needed for a new park. Please get in touch.

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