City Trails…spot check

City Trails…
A trails spot that has been around for years, with various crews/locals/groups taking it under their watch and creating a solid set of trails. Over the past five years or so the place has pretty much had a full overhaul, doubling in length to become the ironman demanding run it is today. Although half the crew are currently injured, the scene is fully alive, the BBQ is lit, the lines are watered and on this night we found out a little more about City Trails.

Logo made by Aran

Who’s in the City Trails collective? 

Current dig crew of myself @mattbakerpics, Walton @waltonstyle, Aran @mcguckin114, Ben @ben_armon_, Alex @wakeandwake and Guy @guy_jamesss. Numerous hands have helped over the last few years though; Joey, Scoob, Benji, Binks, Div, Ellis, Charlie, Cornish to name a few!

Charlie flat out behind Matt

How would you describe the trails as a whole?

Long, flowy and pull up on everything.

We’ve got 2 main lines, which you can interchange on the way down, and a pump/flow line with some fun turns.

Matt right to left transfer

How many jumps are in the current line? 

12 or 13 depending on your route.

Matt X
Main line and Hip line

Favourite Jump?

Currently what was the old last jump (we added two more this winter). Big roller before it to pump, and then just yank.

Matt – The favourite

Wildest bike related thing you’ve seen at the trails?

Probably Div doing a ridiculous transfer in the bottom mains. It must’ve been 15-20ft sideways – still doesn’t look it!

Wildest non bike related thing?

Some chap lost his drone at the top of a tree, and his mate climbed well over 10m barefoot with a broom taped to his back so he could get it down – including jumping between trees about 5m up! 

Walton with his fresh build.

What’s in the future for the trails?

Gav from g23 recently did some filming so should have an appearance on his tube soon. 

Stoked to have everything running sweet early this yeah so I’m buzzing for a summer of sessions – hoping to get a few other crews up here at some point. As always, there is more digging in the pipeline. Other than the continual tweaks, we started a bigger line this year so be good to finish that off and link in to the berm at the end. We’ve also got a pump line which runs from half way down, but hoping to extend that the full route

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