Favourite trick – Charlie Ash

Everyone has a favourite trick, often governed by their current location. Now Charlie has a big bag of tricks for all types of locations. So when i approached him at City Trails with the question “Charlie, what’s your favourite trick here?” I knew i wasn’t going to guess the answer, nor was i going to be disappointed by it.

Charlie Ash – Superman Seat grab Indian.

Why is the super seat Indian as your favourite trick? 

Nothing beats a good stretch. Think that’s why it’s a favourite. 

When did you start doing it? 

I’ve probably been doing them for around 5/6 years now and still loving them.

Who has the best super seat Indian? 

Drew bezanson in that super good Joyride edit he did. That’s what got me into them. Massive super indy transfer moves. 

Worst crash from it? 

To be honest it’s a good trick to bail from, just push the bike out in front of you and I’ve normally been able to escape pretty well.

Hardest part about the trick?

Catching the seat followed by catching the grip. Gets a little bit messy there from time to time haha 

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