What is No Dead sailors?

The idea behind No dead sailors is to help support the BMX community and keep the sport progressing on the local scene and reaching out nationally.

Who is No Dead Sailors?

It’s me at the minute – Ryan Hammond

When did it start?

NDS started during the 1st lockdown, but it really started years ago when I was growing up subconsciously. The lockdown gave me the chance to take a moment and re connect with BMX after many years off my bike. I never lost the passion for riding but life took over as we all know & you lose sight of what makes you spark.

3 things in store for 2021?

I am currently working on turning NDS Into a non profit, with the idea in mind to help underprivileged children/adults get into the sport. Weather it be freestyle or racing as the BMX community are an awesome lot.

I have plans on creating a dvd with all the local shredders over the summer.

Also with the help of the locals we will put on a jam, currently I’m looking at locations to hold a jam and hopefully secure some prizes for the winners.

Where can people find out more?

Check out the Instagram/Facebook page for information on the things happening this year. Plans are also underway for a website, once this is live there will be a link on the Instagram/Facebook page. You can email direct to for any information you want to know or order merchandise.

What’s the future?

The plan is to help support the BMX community not only on a local scale but throughout the uk, with the non profit I would like to give out helmets, pads, and even get bikes to those who can’t afford them. Also work with the local authorities to keep skateparks open and help create new location for parks to be built.

Recent achievements?

The local BMX club are currently redesigning the track and needed some help to raise money for the development. I decided to do a run of T-shirts and Hoodies to help raise funds for the club. I liaised with the clubs board and did a re design of the original NDS T-shirt to include the clubs moto and add a few extras to the design. This went really well and the club decided to add the design to there race jerseys, which was awesome.

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