TOP 5 – Stu Barnham – AgainBMX

Having known Stu for many years, I feel like the amount of times I’ve seen him without a camera to hand is slim in comparison to seeing him laying on some cold concrete, lugging a fully stacked camera bag or setting up flashes. That being said when on his bike he’s got an ultimate crowd pleaser trick!
I knew when i asked Stu to pick his top 5 it wouldn’t be an easy task for him, but i also knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. Today we get a little glimpse into the huge back catalogue of amazing photos shot by Stu – Again_BMX

Sean Russell – Bury bowl – Table

I always like taking pictures with Sean, he’s really consistent and has a really nice style that translates well into pictures. The endless problem with this bowl is the relatively crappy background but the sky was looking good and slightly under exposing the background and using two flashes helped to focus attention on Sean’s perfect table/invert (not a debate I’m interested in getting involved in). I have this picture printed out and framed, on display at home, I’m happy with it.

Sean Russell – Basildon subway – wall carve

Another one with Sean, it’s a well-known spot and has been ridden/photographed many times. Sean was really pushing it in this one, well within his capabilities but bearing in mind the fact that the spot isn’t new to anyone, we wanted to get him as high up the wall as possible. I think I slightly cocked up the timing so he actually went higher than it looks in the picture but the exposure and composition worked nicely so hopefully he’s alright with it. 

Connor Phimister – 180 Bar – London

We’d been at another famous spot just prior to shooting this, then went for an explore nearby. The first thing we found was this flat block on the edge of an apartment development. I suggested Connor hopped up and did “something like a 180-bar off, over the shrub”. He seemed keen so I quickly chucked the fisheye on and decided not to bother with flashes as I couldn’t be arsed to set them up. He pulled it first go and the timing on the bar spin came out nice too, so we were happy. As he rolled away a security guy came round the corner wagging his finger at us and kicked us out. We were probably at the spot for about 3 minutes max, so this was a good one to get. Another one I have printed out at home, as much for the memory of how it came about as for the shot itself.

James Reynolds – Newmarket – Table

Probably 15 years ago when I first started taking pictures, I shot a load of pictures with James, mostly in Bury st Edmunds at the old park. I was still learning so lots of those old shots were cack looking back now but his talent, style and consistency made the learning process so much easier. James is easily one of the best riders I think the UK has ever produced, I think we all took it for granted when we were younger but it’s so obvious looking back. It’s a big shout but I stand by it. A few months back, after a lengthy series of horrible knee injuries, James started rolling about again, we met up at Newmarket’s new park and we shot this, probably 3rd go at getting the shot. I’m sure James will be critical of the table itself, he always studied the form of tricks so meticulously and knows exactly how he wants things to look, but I like the shot and it was really nice to be back where I started in lots of ways, watching James shred. 

Joe Embrey – Gate 23 trails – lookback

I’ve easily shot the most with Joe over the years. He’s always up for going somewhere to ride and to get any form of media to record it. My aim with this was to get a decent shot of the line as well as timing the trick nicely, I think it came out pretty well. I like the colours, it was cool that Joe wasn’t wearing black or grey for the shot, I think it’s nice to see a bit of colour in BMX shots, as waff as that sounds!

Also, I wanted to give a big shout to anyone I’ve ever shot with, I really struggled to pick 5 shots for this so I kinda just winged it and picked a few that I liked, there could’ve been endless others that made it into this. Big up to Spanky for the offer to contribute to the site too, cheers!”

Cheers! Stu

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