LifeCycle Revolution

What is LifeCycle eh! I guess it’s just an idea. 

An idea that could exist on only a few shirts, or one that might change the world. Probably just shirts though. 

Who’s behind it?

Primarily me(Kevin), helped along by friends that support what I’m doing. 

When did it start? 

So LifeCycle was something I started whilst living in Florida around 2006. I had some design ideas that I thought would be cool so I had a few shirts printed by a couple of friends and put the money into building some street spots around Orlando. 

Dave McDermott (aka hotdog king) designed the skull shirt back around 2008 and then recently Eben Fischer who does a lot for S&M helped me with the “Reap what you sow” design and got it all sorted on the computer. I’m no good at that stuff so I’m pretty fortunate to have people that are into helping out.

Future plans…

Hoping to do a trails trip with the main builders from half a dozen spots around England as a thank you for their efforts. Trail builders are always in the shadows but do a shit ton for the bmx scene so it’d be good to be able to give something back to them. 

Apart from that I’m just gonna keep on digging and riding and see what happens in these crazy times. 

Where can people find out more?

I’m not big on spending a lot of time on the computer so I’m just going to put stuff up on the lifecycle Revolution Instagram page for now. 

I’m going to set up a big cartel account and stick the link on there but for now people can just send me a message and I can send out whatever. 


Cheers to the rider owned companies and shops that have stuck with BMX through the hard times.  Thanks to those that spend their winters in the woods in the pissing rain, and thanks to those who have supported LifeCycle over the years. 

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