Brockham Jam

Brockham Jam was one of the few jams running this year. With big jumps, high jump and a pizza oven it’s always a sick one. Here is 40 odd seconds of screams, cheers and amazements. WILLBROCKVIDEO put together an awesome video from the jam. Click to watch it on his channel.

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LifeCycle Revolution

What is LifeCycle eh! I guess it’s just an idea.  An idea that could exist on only a few shirts, or one that might change the world. Probably just shirts though.  Who’s behind it? Primarily me(Kevin), helped along by friends that support what I’m doing.  When did it start?  So LifeCycle was something I started whilst […]

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What is No Dead sailors? The idea behind No dead sailors is to help support the BMX community and keep the sport progressing on the local scene and reaching out nationally. Who is No Dead Sailors? It’s me at the minute – Ryan Hammond When did it start? NDS started during the 1st lockdown, but […]


Favourite trick – Charlie Ash

Everyone has a favourite trick, often governed by their current location. Now Charlie has a big bag of tricks for all types of locations. So when i approached him at City Trails with the question “Charlie, what’s your favourite trick here?” I knew i wasn’t going to guess the answer, nor was i going to […]

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