What have i been doing?

What have i been doing? well, I’ve been making stickers, t-shirts and videos. i enjoy making all this stuff. I always feel that you shouldn’t box yourself into just one thing when it comes to being creative. As creativity often comes from areas outside that that you are trying to create. 

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Customer feedback

Waiting for feedback on some limit fabrication stickers!  I’m stoked to be working with him on this project. Creating a blast from the past frame.  Bmx is amazing and the help he received on this project shows just how bmx is and should be. 

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The moon landing

many moons ago a man marched upon the moon, this man may have marveled upon the marvelous moments  meandering moon bound. This man would like to see more moon rings. Shot on Nikon D610 F/5.6 2.5 sec. ISO – 1000 21mm    

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